Temple Mill Island

Temple Mill Island is an idyllic gated community on the River Thames, yet only 10 minutes from the M4 and M40 motorways. 62 properties in attractive communal gardens, with a private marina, and all homes are provided with a designated mooring.

The origins of the name ‘Temple Mill Island’

The island is named after the three watermills that used to be on the island for beating copper and brass.

Daniel Defoe referred to the mills in his A tour thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain (1724-1727).

He referred to the three very remarkable mills, called Temple-Mills, for making Bisham Abbey Battery-work viz. Brass Kettles and Pans &c of all sorts. And these works were attended with no small success, till in the year 1720, they made a bubble of it; and then it ran the fate of all the Bubbles at that time.

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A video fly-through of the Island